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Here’s what my clients are saying about me…

“Of the 6 realtors we have employed over the years both in BC and Ontario Mark is head and shoulders above the others. From his attention to detail concerning staging our hoe, to detailed market research that ensured we obtained maximum value for our property his services are second to none. Above all his honest approach gave us the confidence of knowing we were in good hands. Mark took the stress out of selling making sure we were apprised at every step of the process. There is only one realtor for us now…Mark A!”

Bob & Lori

December 2015


“My girlfriend and I were in the market for our first home purchase. Being very particular, it took us a few months to find the right place for us. 

Throughout this period, Mark remained an invaluable asset that was diligent, flexible, realistic and patient with us. His positive attitude and persistent hard work paid off when we finally successfully got the home we wanted.

Being a buyer in the current Vancouver market isn’t easy. Having a realtor like Mark that went the distance and was willing to work harder for us made all the difference in the world and we would highly recommend his services”

Mike & Nancy

May 2016

“For anyone reading these comments and debating whether or not to trust a young person like Mr. Mark Attfield with a home sale or purchase service – I offer here my experience  with him as a real estate agent .

In the early spring of 2016 my family and I decided it was a proper time to sell our beautiful but too large of  a home in Fraser Heights , Surrey and find a nice , smaller place we would love and call a new home .

This was not our first time thinking of downsizing…….we were planning on it for two or three years and have even contacted several prominent and well advertised agents and agencies specializing in our much  desired neighbourhood. 

To our surprise – it proved to be a difficult task……..Many of the agents were interested only in a “quick buck” but a home like ours was not like an old house  in Vancouver – easy  to spin, demolish, sell  and fill the pockets with easy money. No one we met impressed  as a serious and methodical, honest and proper for something as important as leading us in preparing our the biggest investment for a presentation and a possible sale.

I even entertained an idea of not even using a realtor for the sale and trying to do it all by myself. Spouse and I  are both educated professionals , so….., really…..how hard can it be to sell a house that shows so clean, elegant and well taken care off as ours always did.

Well……I am sure GLAD we did not go that avenue…… By a pure chance  , during a visit to an open house in the area close to our home – we met a colleague of Mr. Attfield. He impressed us by his kind , professional approach to the task he was given. Naturally , I asked if he was interested in joining our team and selling our house . While he was certainly interested, he advised that it was out of his capacity and immediately offered to introduce us to a highly recommended agent from his office. So….Mark came to the scene.

Mark Attfield has contacted us PRECISELY at the time it was agreed with his colleague. He visited us at our home and I must admit- he seemed a bit too young for being an experienced realtor. Well…..that doubt disappeared that same evening. He listened to our plans, he understood every single concern we had, he offered his angle of approach to the task of the sale and at the end –  he impressed us both ….which is not an easy thing to do .

After a couple of days we decided to give Mark the lead and see what he can deliver .

This was only a first step in a quite complicated series of steps that lead us to the very successful completion of both home sale and another house purchase with Mark.

He was always on time, always thorough….would not allow even the smallest issue to remain uncovered, examined and taken care of, addressed every concern in the timely matter and has kept us well informed and always in the loop. Never assuming, never lofty, never condescending as many of the newly enriched realtors in this white hot market unfortunately seem to be. For a no additional cost to us, he brought another colleague of his, Mr Mike Skender and between the two of them they executed the whole operation adhering to a 100% legal practices ,   with no hang-ups and to a mutual satisfaction . Our buyer is happy in our previous home and we are happy in our new one as well.

In a word……If you are looking for an honest, hard working , no gimmicks , precise , elegant and successful  realtor, you have found one in Mark Attfield.

I offer my full endorsement to this young man.”

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With best regards from Surrey

Capt. Max Maksimcev


British Columbia